Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bird of the Week

On Saturday, Kevin and I were out estate-selling when we noticed this very unusual bird. It was black except for some bright neon orange patches on the wings. I had never seen a bird like that, so of course I drifted into the other lane while craning my head to follow it. Luckily, Kevin yelled at me before there was an accident. Moral of the story: I don't know! I just wanted to give a little background on the Bird of the Week.

If you guys ever see any unusual birds and want to submit them just leave a comment or email me.


Good Girls Studio said...

how unusual...I'll have to look him up in my bird book. I have the cutest little lampwork blackbirds beads...I feel that maybe I need to paint their wings red now ;)...PS: you drive like me! Hilarious...I'll see something,or somebody will point something out to me & I just start driving towards it!

Jess said...

We've got lots of those here in the country in the midwest. They have a great call too. Hearing it for the first time each year makes me smile because it means summer is here!

You might also like grosbeaks, if you like these colors.