Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Freshcut fabrics

A few months ago I came across an adorable little doll blanket on Flickr. I followed a few links to find out what genius had created this precious thing, and discovered my new favorite fabric line, Freshcut, by Heather Bailey.

If you like fabrics, you should definitely take a peek. Her patterns are so beautiful, it would be impossible to pick a favorite. For those of you who have used Freshcut fabrics, please post a comment and tell us all about it. Oh, and if anyone wants to make me a purse out of this one, I would be much obliged!


MewPaperArts said...

unbearable cuteness!

Alison said...

I'll send you something made out of that fabric if you give me your address! *Alison at staritnest.etsy.com