Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Handmade Shopping List #12

This Handmade shopping list includes artists in all different mediums, so let's not forget the musician!

"Jazz Aviary" by up and coming vocal artist Susan Krebs is a delightful cd that celebrates birds and our ancient connection with the avian tribe. The lyrics are fun, and Susan's voice is just lovely.

"I remember as a kid, lying stretched out in a hammock between two grand
sycamores, watching the birds, listening to the birds - DIGGING THE BIRDS!
Birds and humans have shared this planet for many millennia. Our impulse to
sing and our desire to fly reflect this deep and ancient connection with the
avian tribe." - Susan

My favorite song is "Baltimore Oriole," and you can listen to it right here.


Chris Stone said...

I'll recommend the Jazz Aviary to a friend of mine. Thanks!

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