Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's Have a Party

First, we need this fabulous tea kettle from Michael Graves. Look at that adorable spout!

Next, we need some super cute teabag caddies to hold our used teabags. I really like these little birds from Stash Tea.

Now all that's left are some snacks and the perfect tea. For the snacks, you really should invest in this adorable cookie cutter from Copper Gifts. You can make cookies, and you can also make little bird shaped sandwiches. (recipe: spread some chicken salad between two slices of bread, cut and serve!)

So, pull out the kettle and get that water boiling. If you like black teas, my favorite is Lavender Earl Grey from Revolution. If you like green teas, you better ask my cousin, 'cause she's the expert in that field.


Art Nest said...

I'm inviting myself, alright?!

Cherry Lane Jane said...

sounds like fun to me! the tea kettle is great and so is the copper cookie cutter